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14 Jun We repeat sup Pilates Beach !!!
Eugenia 0 37
➡️Sunday June 27 you can try as in the tableall the stabilizing muscles of the trunk and spine (the core) are activated.???? Hours: 9:45 AM➡️Includes: paddle board ❇️surf + pilates + Brunch you have d..
10 Jun Retiro SER - The way to connect with nature
Eugenia 0 123
Estamos flotando de emoción por anunciarte nuestro próximo retiro que hemos preparado con mucho cariño y esfuerzo. El retiro estará enfocado en la práctica para reconectar con tu ser a través de la na..
11 May Pilates, yoga, hypopressive retreat information June 4, 5 and 6
Eugenia 0 109
BASIC INFORMATION & nbsp; We offer you a different day by disconnecting and exercising and meditating in a natural environment, where the pure air and the mountain breeze cleanse your body and mind..
02 Nov Breakfast after running and doing my hypopressive sequence
Eugenia 1 138
Ideas ... Breakfast after running and doing my hypopressive sequence with the @lowpressurefitness techniqueIngredients:Plain yogurt, coconut, soy, Greek ...1/2 apple1 kiwi4 walnutsChiaCinnamon and h..
20 Oct How to be efficient in the water?
Eugenia 1 244
To swim well with very little effort, fluency and elegance, it is very important to maintain good balance and a good horizontal position.How to be efficient in the water?When we talk about improving t..
27 Aug HIPOfit Training and Recipes September 2020
Eugenia 0 298
Hello Family !!! Today on the blog I leave you a HIPOfit training planSince day 1 of the confinement we have been sharing direct training, delayed, you have met me in my lazy and strong days and you h..
20 Aug Hypopressives in the water, pool and beach
Eugenia 0 183
Hypopressive exercises to do in the water, in the pool and on the beach. ..
04 Aug Music to run, train fitness or do Yoga and the best music lists
Eugenia 0 220
Good Morning. Today's post could not be better for a Friday with a view to the weekend starting with great desire and a lot of rhythm, since we are going to talk about music. Many of you had asked me ..
02 Aug Discover the Running experience with Mindfulness
Eugenia 0 185
Run either to free your mind, to overcome yourself or to be better ... but run !!!!Running with Mindfulness is a project to improve the sensation when running and to combine meditation with life. Afte..
01 Aug Summer recipe from a friend from Costa Rica, is my favorite
Eugenia 0 138
Balanced diet HOW? Can a balanced diet be maintained during quarantine? How many times have we heard phrases like ?: We are going to end up leaving the house rolling, surely I have put on 4kg, I do no..
22 Jul Hypopressives as a relaxation and meditation tool
Eugenia 0 304
I relate hypopressives with meditation, because it is a slow, uniform and deep breathing tool, it brings our consciousness to the present moment, to this precise moment, over and over again, saving th..
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