I come with a new proposal, a new challenge and this time it will last 4 weeks. This challenge is about more than just hypopressives. It's something you've been asking me for a lot, so I'm finally launching it.

Every Sunday I'll upload the weekly plan here, with direct links to each training. There will be weeks that I will propose 2 training sessions and others with 3 training sessions. Be very attentive as there will be LIVE training from my Instagram account @eugeparrado_hipofit and from Zoom.

In order for you not to miss out on this challenge, you must do two things:

  1. SUBSCRIBE TO MY WEBSITE:www.eugeniaparrado.com so you will receive the plans directly to your email and you don't have to be aware of Instagram or even here on WhatsApp.
  2. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: to be able to see the videos of the different training sessions link channel ➡️ shorturl.at/jnKUV

For each week you can download the image of the programming template ????

It seems silly, but arriving on Sunday and seeing everything marked produces a satisfaction that I promise you is worth feeling.

I present the 4 weeks for you to organize yourselves: