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summer operation

summer operation
summer operation
summer operation
summer operation
summer operation
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    The best for your body is here, you can't miss the sensation of feeling a relaxing massage with my lavender oils!!!

    You will manage to combat stress, anxiety and nervousness.

    Improve sleep problems and night rest

    That's it!!! It is for you

    We all have 20 minutes.

     If you need a one-month challenge, if you need to have motivation, a calendar, improve yourself, if you feel like having 8 intense and fleeting 20-minute classes, this pack is made for you. Don't think about it, 4 weeks of cane await you!!!


    8 classes

    20 minutes

    3 workouts per week

    4 weeks


    *I recommend starting on a Monday, any Monday


    I recorded it for a month, and I can assure you that it is the bomb. I feel happy and proud to have created 8 intense and fun classes of 20 minutes. a month of challenge, of training, of express, of feeling fit, of being on top.

     What does the pack contain?

     8 20-minute classes that only you can have

     4 training proposals with web videos that is, in total 3 training sessions a week of 20 minutes

     1 stretching and hypopressive videos

     2 functional training and pilates videos


    What material do you need? of the 8 classes:


    3 classes without material

    3 classes with sliders or kitchen towels

    2 classes with rubber

    2 classes with dumbbells (0.5-1.5kg)

    chair without arms or sofa for any training proposal I encourage you to do the one month challenge and once you finish it, you will have these classes for yourself, for those days with less time, to repeat the month whenever you want.

    oh and don't forget me, you can give this pack to a friend or family member to encourage them to get their act together.

    Do not think about it and get your pack to be TOP!

    *important: in the case of injuries or discomfort, consult a professional.

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