To swim well with very little effort, fluency and elegance, it is very important to maintain good balance and a good horizontal position.

How to be efficient in the water?

When we talk about improving times and getting the most out of our stroke, we really mean being much more efficient in the water.

Position the body well

A very common mistake that often occurs to many swimmers is training with their head raised high. Training with the head too high causes the legs and trunk to descend, causing the resistance to advance to be greater.

That is why it is important to be in a horizontal position.

To avoid this frequent mistake, it is recommended to train with a sunken head and only take it out in diagonal movements to breathe. This will make our legs and hips automatically rise to the surface, offering us less resistance to advance making us more efficient.

Control and fluidity

To be more efficient it is essential that our movements in the water are fluid, harmonious, clean and controlled. That is, we should not fight against water, but rather be part of it, in this way we avoid that our body is more tired than it should because of training.

I encourage you to try these recommendations and tell me how it has worked for you?

Come go!!!