Run either to free your mind, to overcome yourself or to be better ... but run !!!!

Running with Mindfulness is a project to improve the sensation when running and to combine meditation with life. After running we will apply the hypopressive technique to compensate for the impacts that can occur and relax our body and mind.

Both running and meditating help improve our feeling of happiness on a daily basis, as they lead us to free our minds and bodies and improve our connection with the present moment.

In this post I want to explain the importance of running conscientiously, since our pelvic floor can suffer impacts. What is the pelvic floor? It is the set of muscles that act as a base and support for all the organs of the abdominal cavity: the digestive, excretory and reproductive systems are located in this area.

In this sense, running, unlike other aerobic activities, can damage this area, or at least increase the impact. The own weight exerted by gravity can generate certain damages on these viscera, to which is added the impact of each stride running on grass, earth or sand, and even on treadmills in machines, whether in gyms or at home, or , on sports tracks that are in good condition when running.

Recommendations to continue running without suffering problems on the pelvic floor:

  • Not being overweight
  • running with walking sessions, starting in the latter modality and when you acquire some physical background, start with the race.
  • Do not do very long distances, more than 40 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to carry out training sessions with a downward slope, as this increases the chances of urinary incontinence.
  • Sneakers are also a great help, although you should not rely on the choice of footwear.

And one of the main recommendations comes, Pilates, postural reeducation, yoga, hypopressive gymnastics and Kegel exercises help to combat urinary incontinence.

Prepare @ ???? To run!!!!!...