Good Morning. Today's post could not be better for a Friday with a view to the weekend starting with great desire and a lot of rhythm, since we are going to talk about music. Many of you had asked me to recommend music for running and training in general, so in this post I will tell you what music I use to run, to train strength, to do Yoga and I will leave you here all my latest lists so that you never miss the motivation.

Long live music!

Leonard Cohen already said it, "Music is the emotional life of most people" and that is that music accompanies us in many moments of our lives, and in my case it always makes me connect with my emotions. When I need to relax, rejoice, or just let go, music is always a faithful companion.

Running music

For running, a list with my favorite songs by artists. Many of them are already heard in the 1940s charts, so I think this type of music is reaching everyone.

I personally love the rock bands of our country so I hope that many kilometers will accompany you.

Music for fitness workouts and room

For fitness and room workouts, I like a more international style of music. I leave you here my last list that I use to train and for my classes.

Music for Yoga or relaxation

And for my dear Yoga, Pilates or relaxation, a list that I am very fond of because it seems to me that it is full of absolutely beautiful songs that invite you to let yourself go and relax.


But well, it is true that not every day we have the same humor, or the same desire. For those days that I lack the desire, I put on the Spotify Spanish hit list that comes a lot of reggaeton songs and I assure you that they raise the spirits of anyone (although I do not like the sometimes somewhat macho lyrics) they have, I must admit that the rhythm is very happy.