Hello Family !!! Today on the blog I leave you a HIPOfit training plan

Since day 1 of the confinement we have been sharing direct training, delayed, you have met me in my lazy and strong days and you have also let me enter your homes, with children and not so little ones ... it has been fun to see them passing by at couples ... it has been a past to share the sugar cane workouts, the Pilates sessions, yogilates and of course the hypopressives as a meditation and relaxation tool.

And now, with what we have been through, we cannot let everything we have achieved and the good habits we have adopted escape us, you already know what it takes to take it…. So to make it easy for you, this September I created a training plan called Hipofit, like my Youtobe channel Hipofit Tv, here every week you will have classes and healthy recipes where you can combine exercises with a good diet.

The Hipofit training plan includes all the classes live online and a face-to-face running group + hypopressives, also:

  • Exclusive WhatsApp group for participants
  • Deferred training (in case you have not been able to attend a direct one)
  • I will share cooking recipes
  • Nutritional conferences
  • Weekly waist circumference measurement

Its main objectives are:

  • Tone the abdomino-perineal muscles.
  • Provide postural improvements.
  • Regulate and / or improve respiratory parameters.
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the abdomen.
  • Improve our sports performance.
What do you say? Shall we continue this Hipofit challenge together?

Recipe to reduce inflammation

4 or 5 zucchini, peel the skin a little, but do not complement ...

Very little salt and make it marine

Sauté the cubes of zucchini with a little oil and salt them a little. Add boiling water to cover all the zucchini. Boil for half an hour.

Blend until creamy texture. This cream is very low in calories, contains potassium helping to drain fluids and provides little fiber to avoid intestinal inflammation ... ideally, you should take a scoop with some mint or ginger.

You like this cream, with a lot of love

Anti-Stress Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts (regulated glycemic peaks)

Bamboo with organic soy milk, whole wheat toast with a little avocado and alfafa sprouts

Bowl of oatmeal muesly, nuts, 1 fruit with yogurt or vegetable milk.

Fruit smoothie with seeds and integral sandwich of Iberian ham, omelette or tuna.

Smoothie with oat milk, with rolled oats, flax seeds, banana and cinnamon ** top Antistress **… ..

I hope it serves as ideas, you will start the day with energy and with a more positive approach.

Recipe with Legumes

Clean and mince the garlic and dice the vegetables: onion, carrot, zucchini, eggplant.

Clean and drain the canned or market chickpeas.

Salt all the vegetables with olive oil and minced garlic until golden brown. Lower heat, add fresh parsley, salt and chickpeas.

Let everything rest for about 5 or 8 minutes.

Crumble feta cheese, add a splash of soy on top at the time of serving and that's it ... cha channn

Watermelon Salad

Salads are perfect to include greens and vegetables in this hot season.

Diced watermelon, add cherry tomatoes, half cut cucumber, half spring onion, salt and diced feta cheese to give the final touch to the dish. Spiced with lemon and olive oil.

Tupper for beach or picnic

You are one of those who take food to the beach, tupperware, sandwich? I try to bring a salad tupper. It is a way of saving and above all eating more balanced.

Here is a recipe for a saving salad: lentils with red onion, green or yellow pepper, cucumber, carrot, chopped spinach leaves, tuna, and boiled egg. My dressing is: basil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice. I take it apart and add it to the moment that is best.

Tell me what are you doing?